European Nightjar nest-cam

Many evenings this summer have been dedicated to studying the Nightjar here in the Forest of Dean. As the sun goes down and the light fades, the Nightjar activity begins. We managed to find a nest this year, and took the opportunity to install a motion sensitive trail camera on it. This video summarises a huge amount of video clips (over 9 hours in all), starting from a day before hatching, and finishing with a hurried desertion of the nest site due to the risk of being trampled by Fallow Deer. Earlier in the sequence, a similar fate almost occurs, but the chicks are immobile, leaving the male bird to harass the deer away. Lots of other interesting behaviour and vocalisations were recorded. The bird pictured in the previous photo is the female parent that features in this video. More photos to follow soon…


Wild Boar rut

This video shows two male Wild Boar during the rut in September 2013. Much of the action wasn’t possible to be filmed as it took place in thick foliage, but this video gives a flavour. Male boar tend to be harder to see than the females, and to the best of my knowledge, they’ve never been filmed in rut in Britain before.

2012 – The Wildlife

A short slideshow of all the wildlife photos I’ve uploaded this year. Local (Forest of Dean) wildlife features heavily as usual, but trips around the country have resulted in some more new species. My favourite this year has to be the otter photographed on a river in November. Most elusive this year has been the water vole, which I’m still yet to capture. I still have plenty wildlife shots from this year to upload, but they’ll have to wait until next year 🙂
Happy New Year!