Wild Boar

A male Wild Boar in the Forest of Dean. This was photographed a couple of years ago, and we haven’t really had a decent fall of snow since, so I’m hoping for more this winter. The snow doesn’t really hinder the Wild Boar in their search for food, and they certainly endure colder and more harsh conditions in other countries. In fact, rooting in the snow also has the added benefit of exposing food to birds that would otherwise be unable to reach it. A Robin can be seen in this photo waiting for the boar to move along, but in fact there were 5 or 6 Robins following this boar around the woods.


Wild Boar

This photo of a Wild Boar trudging through the snow in the forest was taken almost a year ago. It’s one of a series of photos that I’d completely forgotten about, and only came across as I was looking through the archive.
PS – This is the 400th post to this blog!

Seasons (2/4)

Seasons (2/4) by Ben Locke (Ben909)
Seasons (2/4), a photo by Ben Locke (Ben909) on Flickr.

When I took the autumnal scene, I didn’t do it with the premeditation of taking the same shot in the future. I’ve spent most of my time out and about in the forest since the snow came, and when I trudged my way to this spot, I was reminded of that first photograph. Recreating the exact composition from memory was a challenge, and although I came close, I decided to return the next day with a copy of the original on my phone. It’s still not exactly the same, but it’ll do – I swear some of those trees have moved! I hope to re-shoot this scene again in the spring and summer to complete the set.

Wild Boar In Snow

Wild Boar In Snow by Ben Locke (Ben909)
Wild Boar In Snow, a photo by Ben Locke (Ben909) on Flickr.

I’ve been mostly offline the last few days, making the most of the snow. I found a nice boar last night but it was too quick and too dark for photos, so I was very happy to get this opportunity today. Moments after this shot, the nose went up in the air, the alarm was raised, and the boar was gone. There’s a nice fresh fall of snow coming down this evening too, so looking forward to more of this 🙂