Reeve’s Muntjac


Reeve’s Muntjac (female) photographed in the forest. I’m seeing many more of these in the woods in recent years than I used to.


Fallow Deer

Like many species of deer, the Fallow Deer is active throughout the 24-hour period, but in areas where human disturbance is high, they tend to be more active at night. They typically graze on grasses and rushes, but may also browse on young leaves, and also take cereals, berries and acorns.

Golden Light

Golden Light, originally uploaded by Ben909.

This shot was taken during the fallow deer rut in the Forest of Dean. I have a tendency with my wildlife shots to try to get as close to the subject as I can. Quite often though, I think it makes for a better picture to show the wildlife in the context of the surroundings and habitat in which it lives… which is also a long winded way of trying to cover the fact that I alerted these deer long before I could get any nearer to them.