Badgers photographed in daylight and at night at the sett.


Scratching An Itch

Scratching An Itch by Ben Locke (Ben909)
Scratching An Itch, a photo by Ben Locke (Ben909) on Flickr.

I expect the Badgers will have ventured out of their setts as little as possible over the last few days. It might be spring, but there’s still snow on the ground here!


I wasn’t really prepared for this. Usually I arrive shortly before dusk, get comfortable and ready to take pictures in the dark with flash. On this occasion the badgers emerged unusually early, and I ended up leaving with a very stiff neck and lots of mozzy bites. Great to see them in the daylight though, and I got some nice close-ups later on in the dark, so it was all worth it.
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Badger Sett

Badger Sett by Ben Locke (Ben909)
Badger Sett, a photo by Ben Locke (Ben909) on Flickr.

I’ve photographed the badgers at this sett many times over the last few years. Usually they start to emerge during dusk, but this time they were a little early, so finally you can see where they’re living, rather than my usual night shots of them.