Wild Boar remastered (as seen on tv!)

It was a real treat for me to have some of my boar photos featured on Springwatch last night – my thanks to the BBC for wanting to show them. One photo provoked some discussion amongst the presenters about photoshop, and whether or not photos like this should be photoshopped. Personally, as far as wildlife photography is concerned, I tend to do little more than a bit of noise reduction and exposure correction where needed, and try to make the best of the situation around me when I shoot. It’s not really practical to compose exactly as you might like when it comes to wild boar. I love all that Photoshop can do, despite my lack of ability with it, but I tend to reserve it for non-wildlife subjects. However, I thought I’d have a go at Chris Packham’s suggestion of removing the offending blade of grass. I’m not sure if I’ve done a very good job, but it only took 10 minutes. I guess it doesn’t particularly alter the ‘honesty’ of the picture as it is just a single blade 🙂

Here’s a recording of the segment of the show….


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