Wild Boar (Sus Scrofa)

This photo (and others that I’ll upload later) was the result of about four hours effort, two of which were spent silently sat in the snow. After two hours (and the onset of what frostbite must feel like!), I caught a distant glimpse of 8-10 wild boar heading in the opposite direction in to thick forest. It took me the next hour or so to track them down. The snow is great for sneaking quietly 🙂 The light was very poor as it was almost dusk, the dark boar contrast strongly with the white snow, and the tree cover didn’t help, so I had to be fairly close to get more than a silhouette. They were fairly well scattered as they were all foraging for food beneath the snow, and most of the time I couldn’t see more than four at a time, having to rely on listening to the others instead to make sure I kept a respectful distance from them. I watched them rooting around for about half an hour in all, and saw a couple of small ‘disagreements’ about the best foraging spots! None of the photos are perfect, but it was a real treat 🙂


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