Worst.Photo.Ever, originally uploaded by Ben909.

OK this needs explanation, because even by my standards, this is a terrible photo. I very regularly go out attempting to photograph the wild boar of the Dean. I’ve had maybe 10 or 11 sightings. They’re notoriously hard to see, and even harder to photograph. Last night I had my camera trained on a spot where I hoped the boar would emerge from the thick trees. Instead, a huge boar managed to silently appear right behind me. The foliage was so thick that he was within touching distance by the time either he or I realised each other were there! I nearly had a heart attack and stood up and backed off, but this boar – unlike any previous encounters – did not bolt for the trees… instead he followed me, keeping just a few feet away. It was very hard to gauge what he was thinking, so I wasn’t about to switch from the telephoto lens to get a photo. Eventually I managed to get a distance between us and got this photo – my only excuse is that my heart was pounding and I was unable to hold the camera steady. This was an unforgettable meeting, but not one that I hope to repeat at quite such a close range 🙂  One day, I’ll get the photo I’ve been after….
Location withheld.


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